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Well Hello!!

Where to start ...... I am a Mom and wife and a retired Recruiter.  In my career I have worked for over 25 Years in the HR and Recruiting world.  I created and operated two recruiting firms which I sold.  I have probably interviewed over 2000 people during my career.  I loved it but I wanted to do some extensive travel so retired when I was 54.  I was having a great adventure travelling until COVID.  Lots of my former clients and friends have been affected by Covid and I have a high need to help but a bit selfish with my time so I thought this blog format might be the answer.  Time will tell.  

I did a lot of Interview Coaching while working full time and I can be quite blunt and honest but when I retired I had a perfect record of people that I chose to coach ALWAYS got an offer so I must be ok at this.  As a bit of a disclaimer here ...... I only chose people I thought would listen and take my advise.   

I hope you will find some tips or advise that help you get back into the workforce as I know how hard it will be in the next while.  I wish you all the best! 

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