Crap Happens

Yup, in your career you will have good days and some nasty days and if you've lost your job that can feel pretty awful. If this has happened to you, I am sorry. It doesn't feel good and a lot of times it had nothing to do with your work or your attitude and everything to do with the economy, your industry and the role that you were filling. But it is very hard to NOT take this personally. I get that. So many of us tie our worth and egos to our jobs and when that disappears you feel like "who the hell am I" ......

My first advise to you is that you need to take some time, this really isn't a luxury ..... it is a necessity. You need to grieve that job loss, that role loss, how you had thought your life was going to play out with that job. How long does that take? Well, there is no magic time frame. Things that help work through that process though are the following:

  1. Talk to your family (I mean talk ..... tell them now shitty you are feeling and how disappointed, etc. don't sugar coat this) Also, you need to discuss the new reality of your situation, the impact from a financial point and how this might impact them.

  2. Get out of the house!!! This is important. It is so easy to just sit in your chair, watch Netflicks and eat chips. Sure do that for a couple of days if you need to but set a date that your funk comes to an end. Then block your time to go for a walk, bike, go for coffee with friends, purge and cleaning is really therapeutic, getting shit done is awesome.

  3. Blocking Time - this is a real thing and allows your day to not just slip away and at the end of the day you haven't spent your entire day googling jobs ...... it happens people. Decide when you are going to job search ...... even one day after you are unemployed people do this but don't spend all day doing this. Block an hour and that is when you do that.

  4. Fake it till you Make it - Not popular advise these days but I think it helps. Sure everyone will cut you some slack for the first couple of weeks but your ability to pick yourself up and dust yourself off says a "hell of a lot" about you. People will watch how you handle this and either admire how you did or not ..... it is your choice.

  5. Spend some time thinking about where you want to go ....... not enough people do this. They immediately look for roles that they have done in the past. Hey, I know you have bills to pay and mouths to feed but take some time to think about the following:

  6. What part(s) of my job did a realllllly like?

  7. What part(s) was I kind of shitty at?

  8. What companies have I enjoyed working at and why?

  9. What companies/people would I like to work at now?

  10. Do you know the kind of supervisor/leader you work best for?

  11. Who do I know that really likes where they work? Talk to them about why it is a good place to work.

Lastly, I really need to remind you that EVERYONE, has strengths and weaknesses and to be successful is simply figuring out what and how to use your strengths and minimize when your weaknesses are in play. Not to say you don't work on your weaknesses but don't be stupid and think you are never going to have weaknesses. Self awareness is probably the most lost skill right now. People don't seem to realize how they come across or how they impact their own future, relationships, and careers. I will spend a lot of time on this during all my blogs going forward.

Next Blog will be related to finding an organization you want to work for ....... until next week, BE ACTIVE, IT CLEANS YOUR BRAIN!!!

If I have offended any of you with my language ....... move along! There are lots of others you can follow.

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