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Updated: Apr 18

If you are lucky enough to work with people that are fun and have a great sense of humor, you remember and you smile when you think of them. Be that! I have been so lucky to work with some crazy, fun people. I need to name a few!

Heidi/Rachelle/Tyla/JoAnn/Sarah/Darcie/Joe/Neil/Kevin/Rhonda/Tami/Gail/Leslie/Joan/Char/David/Mary-Ellen/Paul/Peter I have been blessed!

Work is not always fun and a lot of times stressful, but if you can quickly find humor and positivity you will be someone that others want around. Employers very much need this skill set. People stay where they enjoy their co-workers, and the company knows the value of fun.

When you are interviewing for a role, part of your investigation should be whether the company and the group you will be going into have a bit of fun. Companies have social clubs and those are great for the once or twice a year functions but how do they manage fun on the day to day?

How do you find that out? Receptionists are a great gage of the company environment. Is the Receptionist warm, friendly, talkative? A good receptionist is worth their weight in gold! Just ask a few questions, like:

How long have you been here?

Who is your favorite supervisor or leader here?

Do you guys have a social club?

Pay attention to the noise when you are waiting. Are people talking, laughing, smiling, etc. If you hear yelling, doors slamming and people whispering and not looking at each other be aware! With interviews now moving a lot to on-line it is hard to get this feel but ask around and do some investigation.

When you are in your interview, fingers crossed you are being interview by someone that has a sense of humor. It makes the whole process much easier. If you hit the jackpot and are being interviewed by a group of people with a sense of humor, then you need to show them you have one as well. Here are a few tips:

  • Smile/Have some Energy about you. (Don’t slump and be looking at your phone, make eye contact)

  • When you are answering a question put a funny story in it.

Example: What mistake did you learn the most from?

  • Well mistake number #1089 in my life I left home without my laptop when I was on my way to do a presentation to a client. I got there and realized my problem and want to scream and cry at the same time. I did not send my presentation to anyone else, so I was hooped. Now, I always send it to someone in case of an emergency. But in this situation, I phoned a co-worker and told them how to get into my dirty house and go get my laptop and bring to me but that was going to take about 30 minutes. I go into the clients meeting and start talking by telling them about the great Team my company has formed and tell them what happened with my Laptop and how my co-worker is on her way to the rescue because we go above and beyond for each other and we will for them as well. About 15 minutes into my chat about what we bring to the table my co-worker shows up with my laptop and another co-worker showed up with 12 Snickers Bars to show how we think on our feet. I just had to take my team for lunch and drinks for six months.

This is a great example those shows humor, teamwork, and learning from mistakes.

Another question that is easy to come up with funny stories is the “why should be hire you?” question. Here are a couple of responses that you can use to formulate a personalized response to you.

  • I love this question! I am not perfect, but I will always give you 100% and am honest and ethical. I am not a clock watcher and will set a great example within your team for a hard worker and flashy dresser? Ha ha I want this position! You seem like a company that lets staff grow and learn from their challenges, I love that and know that I will work my butt off to show you, you did not make a bad hiring decision with me. AND I promise to bring my burnt cookies to the office for the staff AS THE DEAL BREAKER!

  • I think your company is a great fit for me. You are respectful and treat people well which is how I run my life. You have given me a great impression of the organization and I hope I have given you a bit of insight into my personal work ethic and the ease that I will transition into your organization. You can count on me to always learn from my mistakes and work to grow and develop into a one day leader in your group. I want this opportunity and will ensure I make the most of it, if I am your choice. I love the sense of fun you have displayed and will anxiously check my emails every 15 mins until I hear back from you I got the job ha ha.

Personalize your responses and you will be great!!!

If you get into an interview with someone with no sense of humor, and this is important to you then you really need to think about, is this somewhere I want to work? It might be if humor is not important to you.

How do you want people to remember you? That is your legacy, getting references from people that wanted to be around you is an easy task. Sure, we all have moody days but if this is a constant issue for you maybe try and figure out what is the problem. People do not want to be around that most of the time. Be aware of your moods and the frequency of those. Back to my “self awareness” issue.

I tell the story of a time I was doing a mass termination program and the staff knew that was happening so when I got to the office they assigned me and there was a sign taped on my door ….. THE TERMINATOR. So I knew my day wasn’t going to be smooth sailing. I left the sign up as I did not want to minimize their frustration. Anyway, It was a hard day but I when I went out for lunch I walked by a group standing and glaring at me I just said, ……. I’ll be back (in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) ……. Most of them laughed and the afternoon went a bit better.

Life is short, having fun somewhere you spend 8 hours a day is super important.

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